Hello girlies! It’s JUSTINE! Did you all see Yoyo’s interview with some of the Miss Universe girls? Are they TOO CUTE or WHAT? Like I’m obsessed with them, can they all be QUEEN PLEASE?! I am going to be SO SAD when this is over! The Stellogirls have had a BLAST getting to know all the contestants! These ladies are out there kicking butt, looking gorgeous, and just BEING THEMSELVES! Which, as we all know, is the ONLY WAY TO BE!

One of my FAVS is Hildur Maria, she’s Miss Iceland and she is NOT AT ALL what you would expect out of a beauty queen! She’s a TOTAL adrenaline junkie! She has a passion for motorbike racing and snowboarding! Come ON! THAT’S JUST BADA$$! Hildur is also a flight attendant, so she gets to TRAVEL THE WORLD in search of the next big rush! This girl is such a daredevil, I would LOVE to see her take on that attitude as Miss Universe!

Wishing her and all the ladies the best of luck, bring home that crown GIRLIES! Either way, you’re all KWEENS to me!!

XOXO – Justine