Hey StelloGirls 😀 It’s Adi, checking in from StelloGirl headquarters! Check out our workspace … my StelloGirls and I designed it together! When Yoyo first told us that we were getting a special room at headquarters we were HIGH KEY excited! We couldn’t WAIT to start decorating. We really wanted the room to reflect each of our personalities but we weren’t sure how to do that without making one BIG MESS of the whole thing 😉 mean we’re all SO different …

SO we decided to grab some ICED COFFEES and start BRAINSTORMING.

It took a couple of hours and some DANCE breaks … but eventually each StelloGirl found a way to leave her mark 🙂

See the neon signs on the walls? That was Rachael’s idea! She’s REALLLLY into LIT neon. We were all SO DOWN. At first we thought about just putting all of our names in neon signs, but then Alissa suggested we put inspiring words on the wall. She really likes making sparkly mood boards which she hangs on her mirror, she fills the mood board with positive phrases like, “Life is a joy filled with delightful surprises.” SUCH a good idea! We agreed on shorter words: “WORK” and “NOT SORRY”. We chose WORK because it’s motivating when you look at it. When you’re feeling sleepy and you want to close your eyes, it shines MOTIVATION. It reminds you that if you WANT something … well ya needa work work work. The “Not Sorry” is all about accepting yourself as your are, and NOT apologizing for being yourself. THIS IS ME…. K. THNX 😀

After we chose the words, Shachi sketched out the designs and built the exterior, while Rachael took care of the lighting and tech.


The Star Dust sign was of course provided by the dazzling Susana. STAR. Sus is a QUEEN DIVA and she OWNS it. She really is star dust, she spreads magic onto everything she touches <3 Oh and as you MIGHT have guessed, Justine brought the lion. She’s OBSESSED with lions … and as we all like to point out … she kinda reminds us of a lion. You know what I mean? She’s got that fiery hair, that look in her eyes, when she walks into a room … she OWNS it.

The finishing touch was the furry hippie chair that Victoria rolled in. SO stunning and SO COMFY. GIRLS, a comfy workspace chair is NECESSITY. You need to feel comfortable when you’re werrrrking 😀 And you see that photograph behind me? Yoyo gave that to us! It’s an electronic photo album that has pictures of us from all of our StelloGirl missions! Those always make me smile 😀

OH and I almost forgot… you see all those books piled up in the back!? That’s my doing 😉 … I’m really into vintage books … every blogger needs some good READS in her workspace to inspire her when she’s writing and vlogging. Trust me, go out and grab a couple of novels … INSPIRATION.

SO what do you think of our workspace? Are you digging our vibes!? Would you add anything? We’re always down for suggestions from you girlies 😉 XOXO- Adi