Hi girlies!! It’s Adi here <3 I’m with Rachael in AMSTERDAM. OH YA OH YA. I am crushin so hard on this city right now. I think I just might love EVERYTHING about Amsterdam! The city is soooooo chill during the day, but I mean like SO chill- everyone is biking around, sitting in coffee shops && reading on benches along the canals. Today it happened to be sunny and u know what they say about people in the Netherlands right? When it’s FINALLY sunny outside all they all bloom like flowers under the sun && find any spot on the street to catch some rays <3

Today Rachael was busy writing some posts for you girlies && I had some free time, so I decided to wander around the streets to get some inspiration for this novel I’m TRYING to write. (I’ll share more of that lil secret with you girlies in another post 😉

So ANYWAYS I left the hotel without a map && decided to DITCH the ANNOYING GPS on my cell (GASP). Instead, I just followed the wind. Before I knew it the sun was setting and I found myself sitting by the canal. Everything around me went quiet. All I could hear was the noise of the water. All I could see was the dazzling colors of the canals lit up. The white sunflowers I sat on brightened the darkness. The tree looming over me made me feel safe, with its branches all around me -it felt like a little home. I looked at the canal and imagined a story in my head. I imagined all of the people who had ever sat in the same spot as me, under this tree, by the timeless canal, in the nighttime. All of the great writers, the artists, the poets, the leaders, the lovers …. And me.

I watched the mysterious waters, wondering what they may have heard or may have seen throughout the years. And then wondering what I will see and hear throughout my own years. I knew I HAD to write for my novel – what an opportune time! But I just had too many thoughts running through my head!!!

Whenever that happens I like to write 11 poems. Do you follllowww? Basically an 11 poem is made out of 11 words ONLY. I like 11 poems because they really force you to craft your words carefully.
SO I chose 11 words and here’s what I came up with:

In Amsterdam.
Canals Turn Silent.
Lights Color My Mood.

It’s an AMAZING exercise to get the creative writing process going. After I wrote this lil baby I went straight back to writing my book!! Do you like writing? Have you EVA tried an 11 poem? Go cray cray !! Bet you girlies can come up with some AMAZING things. Big big big HUGE kisses from me to you- ADI

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