Hey girls 😀 What you up to!? I’m currently mellowing out in my room- Adi’s Place : ) DO you LIKE!? 😉 I LURV how versatile my room is. See, sometimes I wake up in the morning and I’m all Susana-ey AKA I’m all peppy and bouncy and blah blah 😀 SO I whip the curtains open and my room is filled with sunlight beaming off the welcoming books on my shelves. The books sing fairytale-like songs and they ask you sweetly to “reeeaddd me please” 😀

BUT, a lot of times I go VAMP style … like ALL the way VAMP.

I draw my purple velvet blinds shut TIGHT. The dark chandelier gives off mid-evil vibes and the candles flicker lights randomly on the books, which suddenly appear mysterious and possibly haunted with riddles and clues 😉

HEHE look at me going all craycray when describing my room 🙂 TBH – I always get a bit carried away when I write or tell stories. I think it’s because I love to imagine everyday life like a story. Real life gives me the BEST material for writing poems or snippets for novels – that’s why I always keep my diary close. It’s by far the most important accessory- it’s … well … it’s … ME. It’s my life’s story. It’s where I keep all my deepest thoughts, ideas, feelings and truths.

It really helps me to write out everything that’s going on in my head. I think A LOTTT – I’m an OVERRRRR-thinker. And that’s OK actually! Because sometimes I think of really great stuff and that’s AWESOME. But sometimes I also think of bad stuff, ya know? Anyways I find that if I leave all of those bad thoughts in my head they just repeat themselves and grow bigger and bigger. But if I write them out I can start to … LET IT GO… LET IT GOOOOOOO …. (great now I’m singing to myself :D)

But anyways my point is -I recommend you INVEST in a diary -choose one that is totally YOU and start writing things out, your real life just might inspire an amazing story or book 😉 I actually have almost FIFTY diaries – and they all look EXACTLY the same. I feel so accomplished each time I fill another diary up to the MAX- it’s all bits and pieces of me <3

Oh, very important- I’d also like to quickly point out my romantic style mirror – don’t you think it’s sweeeeet? I love dark pieces with romantic tones – anything that looks like it could be out of a fairytale – IMMA take it, give it to Shachi- have her spray paint it BLACK and then BOOM you got yourself some dark-romance -Adi style 😉 My FAV 😀 

So now I’m DYING to know – any other girls out there into the dark-romance look? Are you FEEEELIN Adi’s place !?- XOXO ADI


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