Hey Stellogirls! SOOOOO ADI here, with an UBER important topic – per usual. But GIRLIES ferr REALS…LISTEN UP, I need some ADVICE. I’m talking: P.R.O.M.

YAS dass right! Prom season is upon us and I’ve got MAJOR DILEMMAS. I’m a romantic at heart, you know dat right? So OBVS I LURV watching all my friends getting asked to Prom in such CUTE ways!! Apparently Rachael had ONE HUNDRED balloons delivered to her throughout the day, and she snapped me throughout the WHOLE thing! She was MAD adorbzz! She looked like the house from UP by the time this guy from her Algebra class asked her to Prom! SO romantic (dreams and loud sigh)! 😉

Seeeeeee the thing is IDK what to do. I have this friend that I think I maybe … sorta, have a crush on? His name is Danny and he makes me laugh like NOBODY’S BUSINESS. We’ve always just been friends but latelyyyyy…. I dunno … I think things might be changing!? OK like so for example the other day a bunch of us went as a group to see a movie and Danny was being WAY cute. He opened the door for me plus paid for my ticket AND popcorn. He EVEN insisted on sitting next to me during the movie and kept cracking jokes throughout the whole thing – he was SO funny! The movie felt like 3 minutes to me, SWEAR I can’t remember ANYTHING about the plot line 😀

THEN at school yesterday I had my arms FILLED with a bunch of books and I was trying to get past him in the hallway, we did a little dance and then he just laughed and PICKED ME RIGHT UP, SPUN ME AROUND, and set me down on the other side! At that point my body and my brain just disconnected … I might have blacked out for two secs or so 😛 My heart was beating so fast! For a second I thought … I don’t know, I thought maybe he was going to ask me to prom. I looked around excitedly, hoping to see a balloon peeking out from behind him, or a card hiding inside his coat pocket. But … nothing 😐

I want to go with him to prom because I like him, but ALSO because he’s a really good friend and I KNOW we’d have a lot of fun together! I’m wondering if maybe I should take this whole promposal thing into my own hands? I mean I know it’s a tradition for the guys to ask the girls but uhm, HELLO, it’s 2016! Should I just ask him!? Or should I wait a bit longer and see if he asks me!?! GIRLIES HALLPPPP. Need some advice! XOXOX – Adi