IT’S FRIDAY, Adi here! You know, what I realized recently? Accessorizing doesn’t have to be super complicated! One of my FAV ways to level up my outfit is to decorate my HAIR! A chic hair accessory not only looks FIERCE but it’s also super functional! ¬†

It’s like literally the simplest way to accessorize! I already use hair clips and bobby pins every day while styling my hair, so instead of using a plain bobby pin why not throw in a golden bee¬†instead!

Aren’t these things SO FRIGGEN AMAZING?! I got them from this adorbz Etsy store! They’re so great because DUH they’re magnificent but also because going into SPRING these are the PERFECT little babies to decorate my hair! Everyone ALWAYS notices, and I get a zillion compliments! And come on…we all LURV getting compliments!

Plus how CUTE are these clips from Meri Meri?

As a Stellogirl I am OBLIGATED to buy all things UNICORN!

These are my number one accessory trend for the Spring! They are a GREAT way to show off your personality and your interests while keeping your hair in place and standing out GLORIOUSLY in the crowd!

What do you think girlies? YAY or NAY on this HAIR TREND?!

XOXO – Adi