Kisses BABES, IT’S ADI HERE!! It’s OFFICIALLY SPRING !! And with Spring comes SPRING BREAK! OH YAS. That means more time to relax, more time to read AND more quality girl time with my squad! BRING IT ON!

Though, let’s be real, sometimes you’re in the BEST mood EVER only to find that more than half of your squad is NOT rocking those high spirits. I just can’t STAND watching my friends feeling unhappy. I would literally do ANYTHING to cheer them up!

Throughout the years I’ve been told that I can go a LITTLE cray cray trying to fix my friends problems and that I should tone it down a bit. I’ve learned the PERFECT way to cheer up your girlies without going overboard. Check it out below!


  1.  Let them VENT! Sometimes all your friend needs is to get their problems off their chest. GUESS WHAT!?! They don’t actually want your opinion or your judgment! They’re not looking for you to chime into their monologue or fix the problem, they just want to LET IT ALL OUT! What you need to do is simply BE THERE FOR THEM!
  2. PUT IN THE EFFORT & BE CUTE! Send them a care package! Or flowers in the mail or a cute E-Card, send them a funny text or a recommendation for an uplifting book. Especially if you can’t be there in person, a digital gift or a package in the mail always helps!
  3. TREAT THEM! Go on a little friend date, get their mind off their troubles with a change of scenery! Getting your friend out in the sun can definitely get those good vibes going as the fresh air pulls them out of their funk!
  4. Netflix & Chill, No but really. Not into going out? That’s fine! Sometimes all you need is a little couch time with your bff and your FAV binge show. Just watch and repeat. Watch and repeat. Watch and repeat.
  5. Get CREATIVE! Spend the day making something with your hands! You don’t have to be a pro artist or anything, it’s just super therapeutic to sit and create! Hit up an amature art class, try out one of the ZILLION coloring books for adults out there, or even try to paint along with Bob Ross!
  6. SHOW THE LURV.  Let them know how much they mean to you. Just let your friend know how thankful you are to have them in your life! I think sometimes we can take our friends for granted, so always always ALWAYS tell your friends you love and appreciate them! TRUST ME it will brighten their day!
  7. DANCE. Go and DANCE YOUR HEART OUT TOGETHER! You don’t have to hit the club HARD, you can even dance in your bedroom and jump on your bed!! I’ve always found that dancing like a FOOL always makes me and my girlfriends feel better.
  8. ASK. Literally just ASK them what they need. It’s SO SIMPLE and yet we hardly ever think to do it! You’re not psychic, and asking will NOT make you a bad friend!

Sometimes even after trying your VERY BEST to cheer up your friend they might still be sad, and that’s okay! Don’t take it personally, they just probably need to be sad for awhile and you will need to let them be. Sadness is just an important feeling as happiness to feel.  Let them know that you’re there if they need you! That’s what friendship is all about.

XOXO – Adi