Hey hey girlies, SHACHI HERE! Y’all know I’m a basically a PROFESSIONAL UNICORN, RIGHT?! It’s so easy, you can be a unicorn too, all you have to do is BELIEVE! 

BUT if you’re looking for a little unicorn inspiration to magic-up your beauty routine, you will DEFINITELY need these products!

1. Rainbow Brush Set

Brush your way into that glam-fantasy lifestyle!


2. Highlighter

Because DUH everyone needs this, regardless of unicorn status!

3. Unicorn Nails

OBVS you gotta get your nails on board with your UNICORN MAGIC!


4. Unicorn SNOT!

It’s VEGAN and you can rub it all over your face, body, hair, IDK ANYWHERE YOU WANNA SPARKLE!

5. Unicorn TEARS lip Cream!

Look like a rainbow AND hydrator your lips! WIN WIN WIN!

6. Holographic Lip Gloss!

Get some HIGH KEY MAGIC SHINE on your lips with these crazy holographic lip glosses!

7. Unicorn BAG

And of course a special place to stash everything and show the world who you REALLY are!!

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XOXO – Shachi