Namaste Babes, Victoria here! IDK if you realize this but summer is basically NOW. Okay not really, and even though I’m craving summer vibes BAD, I’m not really READY for summer yet.  I  realized I haven’t been saving my money! EEK! Not good! Usually during the summer I pick up some odd jobs like babysitting or helping my Mom with office work to earn that green, but I also like to SAVE so that if something BIG COMES UP (like a music festival or spontaneous girls trip) I’m READY TO GO!

Different people have different ways of saving money, whatever works for ya right?! So whether you’re saving up for a big trip, that fancy purse, or for school, here are a couple ways I like to TRICK myself into saving money! LOL.


Go into all your purses, wallets, coat pockets, that one drawer where you throw EVERYTHING and just collect all the loose change you can find. Put it in one place (I use a cutesy mason jar because they really ARE good for everything). Start emptying your pockets of change EVERY DAY into the jar and at the end of the month deposit it in your bank account! You’ll be surprised how GOOD you feel when you see that jar filling up with coins like in a video game. YAS.

2. Round it out!

At the end of every week check in with your Bank Account and transfer a tiny bit from your checking account to your savings account! It’s easiest just to round it out to the lower tenth, so for example if your checking account is at $209.87 transfer $9.87 to your savings!

3. Impulse Save!

When you catch yourself about to make an impulse buy, talk yourself down! YOU DON’T NEED IT! Instead reward yourself by putting the exact amount you would have spent into savings! You’ll thank yourself later when you’ve saved enough to lounge out on the BEACH with your GIRLS! 😀 But let’s be real, if you’re really in LURV, snatch it. It’s also good to #treatyourself every once in awhile.


Yeah yeah, it’s not the cutest pic in the world, NOBODY’S IS! LOL but you can still use that ID all around town! You can use it at stores like J. Crew and Urban Outfitters and get 10% OFF YOUR PURCHASE! Even Chipotle has a student deal, like DAMN! A LOT of places will have Student Specials, even if they don’t advertise ’em so it NEVER HURTS TO ASK!

5. Change Your Habits.

The LAST thing anyone wants to do is slash their coffee budget, TRUST ME. I UNDERSTAND! BUT there are other ways to get your caffeine fix than spending $8 a day at Starbucks! Try brewing at home or grabbing a $1 coffee from the street cart instead! Also if you and your friends are constantly hitting up those restaurants, try cooking at home one night! You can all pitch in for ingredients and rotate houses! Plus you’ll get to cook together and that’s always a riot.

6. Challenge Yourself!

Turn it into a little game! This last month I challenged myself to put a dollar in a jar every time my FAV song came on the radio (Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, THAT’S. MY. JAM.). That song was ALWAYS on the radio! By the end of the month I’d saved like $102 dollars! You can also put a dollar in a jar every time you unironically use a hashtag (#BLESSED) or whenever you’re having a GREAT DAY keep that mood rolling by putting a dollar away for a future great day!

BOOM. Look at you, you’re already on your way to saving!! Just gotta keep on keeping on until you hit your goal! YOU CAN DO IT!

ANY MONEY SAVING TIPS GIRLIES? Share them with us in the comments!

XOXO – Victoria