Namaste! Your girl VICTORIA HERE! Girlies, can you smell that Spring air!? Isn’t it AMAZE?! That’s because spring is the season of RENEWAL and NEW LIFE. That’s why we have SPRING CLEANING!! OBVS!

OK so maybe you’re like, who WANTS to clean? But listen up girlies, a good spring cleaning can do WONDERS for your personal energy, especially if you go hard on that feng shui!

Feng shui is an ancient practice that claims our homes are a mirror of what’s happening inside us!! AKA if your room is cluttered and dusty, you probs feeling a bit bogged down and cluttered on the inside!

If you’re looking for a boost of tranquility, cleaning your ro0om using a few simple tips can LITERALLY lift your spirits and boost your mental energy! Perfect timing, because I am READY to get out of this cold weather and enter spring break as my BEST SELF! Time to clean out that clutter to make room for BETTER THINGS! YAS. LET’S DO THIS!


Bring in that FRESH AIR! Open up those windows, open your door, get an air-purifier, or my personal FAV, an oil diffuser! ANYTHING to air out the musty winter air and let the SUNSHINE flood IN!


I am a BIG plant person and fully believe that the more plants you have in your house the happier you’ll be! Plants are ALIVE and they bring such great energy to your home, but I understand not everyone has a green thumb so you can totally sprinkle in some rubber plants if you want to! Real or faux, I find plants to be a GORGEOUS aesthetic, especially with those spring vibes. BTW plants also clean the air, so you’re only breathing in good things!

3. De-Clutter your CLOSET!

I know. It’s the big one. But you gotta get in there! A cluttered closet means STAGNANT ENERGY! And we can’t have that! Get rid of ANY CLOTHES YOU DON’T WEAR! This one is especially hard for me because I like to hold onto my old clothes, but if I haven’t worn an outfit in OVER A YEAR…it’s usually time to say goodbye to it. Donate them and make room for a whole new wardrobe! Just another excuse to go shopping!

4. Clean your WORKPLACE!

If you’ve got a workspace, whether it’s for school, work, art, or WHATEVER you GOTS to clean it up! Go through the desk drawers and clean out ALL the old papers and broken pens/pencils. Get some filing tabs if you need to keep organized! I also like to keep the surface of my desk MINIMAL! A clean look helps me FOCUS! Same goes for your BACKPACK! Clean. It. Out.

5. Bedtime Energy!

You want your bed to be WELL BALANCED, so think SYMMETRY when rearranging your room! Try not to have your bed up against the wall, you want to be able to approach it from both sides, and if you put a bedside table on one side, you put one on the other! Same goes for lamps. The symmetry reflects equality and balance!

SOOO! GIRLS. Share your before/after pics PLEASE #StelloGirls!

XOXO- Victoria