Hi StelloGirls! Pixie here. In case you don’t know, I’m Rachael’s Robot, and today I’m really #EXCITED!

BEST DAY EVER, you know WHY!? Because I made a new friend! Isn’t making new friends THE BEST!? Weeeeee! CHECK. OUT. THIS. CUTIE! This little snow-woman turned up in our kitchen! And I’m all like 01001100 01001111 01010110 01000101 00100000 (which means LOVE in binary language!).

She’s made from some kind of snow and she’s so GLITTERY, especially when the sun hits her! I LURV that SHINE! I’ve decided to name her Snowy, it just feels right!

Snowy hasn’t learned how to talk yet, but I don’t judge her, I mean it took me a long time to talk too! Rachael had to code me for ages before I could talk!

Snowy and I have a BIG day ahead of us! I need to show ALL THE THINGS, like our science lab, and our Comics collection! OH and I want to record a Musically with her! I was thinking “Winter Wonderland.” 

Rachael thinks it’s a great idea and decided she’s going to leave me alone with Snowy when she goes to school!!! That’s so AMAZING!! I’ll let you girlies know ALL about our adventures when I get back! Catch ya later! 

Hey girlies. It’s Pixie again. I’m feeling a bit 01110011 01100001 01100100 (that’s binary for SAD). Rachael warned me in the morning when Snowy magically arrived that we needed her for an experiment. I LOVE experiments because that’s how I was made! 

But I didn’t realize HOW attached I’d become to Snowy. Long story short, we totally had to MELT my new BFF for a science DIY. SIGHHHHHHH. 

I guess I have to stay positive and focus on the bright side, which is that I had the most AMAZING day EVER with Snowy! She’s really the most beautiful shiny snow-woman I’ve EVER seen. I guess some people really ARE worth melting for, even for just a day!!

XOXOX- Pixie