Hey you gorgeous creatures, it’s Adi here!!! We’re coming up on Finale season, you know that HORRIBLE couple of months when all your tv shows end and you’ve got to wait till the fall to find out what happens next! It can be such an EXCRUCIATING wait, BUT no worries girlies because I got you covered on some shows to watch to fill the time!! As a BONUS I’ve picked my FAV feminist shows starring some KICKASS ladies that will make you so PROUD to be a girl! So grab a couple girlies and settle in for a bing-a-thon, with these 11 Feminist Shows You Need to Binge Watch IMMEDIATELY!

1.  Big Little Lies

You’ve probably already heard about this AMAZING show because uhm…IT. IS. EVERYTHING. This amazing HBO show put female relationships FRONT AND CENTER, and every episode had me on the edge of my seat! Seriously I was straight up SCREAMING during the finale!! Plus the cast is STACKED with real BADA$$ ladies, and Nicole Kidman brings the HOUSE DOWN with her INCREDIBLE performance! Watch it now on HBO!


2. Pitch

WHY IS EVERYONE SLEEPING ON PITCH?! This show is a GAME CHANGER! Pitch follows Ginny Baker, a young athlete who becomes the FIRST woman to play in the Major Leagues. Everything about this show is on POINT and because they are partnered with the actual MLB they have all these AMAZING baseball scenes. It’s also one of those rare, uplifting shows where the characters don’t try to tear each other down. I actually didn’t realize how rare that was until I watched this show, trust me, you need this show in your life right now! Watch it now on HULU!

3. The Good Wife
If you’re looking for a Strong Female Lead look no further than Alicia Florrick! Watching her launch her career, be a supportive mother, and put her life back together after a humiliating scandal was INSANELY captivating! The show is a testament to the STRENGTH of WOMEN everywhere! WERK! Watch it now on HULU!

4. Insecure

I fell in love with Insecure because it was something we hadn’t seen on television before. The shows creator and star, Issa Rae, has created these extremely nuanced, and beautifully three dimensional characters. It’s so easy to get sucked into CARING about what happens to these characters! It doesn’t shy away from topics colorism, sexism, or racism and it just feels SO REFRESHING to watch! Watch it now on HBO!

5. Jessica Jones
A feminist superhero show? SIGN ME UP! Jessica Jones is a human with super strength, super jumping, and a super good heart. Even though she’s coping with her own trauma (from being enslaved by Killgrave, a man with mind-control powers) Jessica still wants to use her powers to help people! Killgrave is the EMBODIMENT of male privilege, and watching Jessica and her BFF Trish plot to take him down in this gritty, Marvel Universe Drama is seriously #SquadGoals. Watch it now on Netflix!

6. Supergirl

I LOVE having TWO shows about SuperHEROINES on this list because they are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Supergirl is this bright, empowering show starring SO MANY kicka$$ ladies in SO MANY ROLES – The Hero, The Sister, The Mentor, The Villain, The Unexpected Ally! My FAV is Calista Flockhart as the ultimate #GIRLBOSS Cat Grant, literally everything she says I want on a T-shirt! LOL! I will say though that while the first season of this show was a SPECTACULAR FEMINIST TRIUMPH….the second season seems to have gone in a different direction. But who knows! Maybe it will come back around! Watch it now on NETFLIX!


7. The 100

Aaaaaah, The 100. Without getting into the drama over this show (and giving out potential spoilers) I’ll just say that the first two seasons of this show are a DREAM! There is something about watching young women finding the strength to lead their people and survive in a post-apocalyptic world that just gets me FIRED UP! The 100 is at it’s BEST when girls run the world. WHO RUN THE WORLD?!  Watch it now on NETFLIX!

8. The Crown

Here for the KWEEN! My fav part of The Crown was that it does NOT shy away from showing the sexism the Queen faced during her early reign. It’s so crazy to think about that because she’s the friggen QUEEN! But like all women she’s also had to struggle with that sexist nonsense. Watch it now on NETFLIX!

9. Broad City
SPEAKING OF KWEENS! YAS KWEEN, are ya’ll watching Broad City?! The series follows the lives of two best friends living in New York City and all of their HILARIOUS adventures. Broad City was created by the main stars, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, they also write the show! So OBVS female relationships and issues are at the core of every episode! Watch it now on HULU!

10. Parks and Recreation

First of all, everyone should watch Parks and Recreation. It’s a beautiful show and I’m already wishing for a revival! Secondly whenever the show dealt with feminist issues it would drop the mic in a blatant and HILARIOUS fashion! The show actively attempted to redefine the way women are depicted on television, Parks and Rec had our backs! Watch it now on Netflix!

11. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

OF COURSE Buffy is gonna be on this list! THE OG BADA$$ Buffy Summers taught me what it means to FIGHT LIKE A GIRL! She’s a cheerleader, she’s blonde, she doesn’t have time for your stereotypes because she’s saving the world…AGAIN! Buffy is the epitome of FEMALE EMPOWERMENT and the show leaves a legacy that resides in ALL feminists! Watch it now on HULU!

Which is YOUR fav feminist show and why? Let me know in the comments! 

XOXO – Adi