Hey gals. It’s your chica Susana here. SIGHHHH. I’m struggling a bit today and thought I’d share with you girlies. Maybe you can give some advice? Let’s talk BOYS BOYS BOYS. So anyways I got to Barcelona about two weeks ago or so. It’s been so much fun. But I have to share a little secret with you girlies. The reason why my trip has been SO amazing is because I met this guy a couple of days ago 🙂 I was ordering some coffees for me & Justine -you know it was one of those places where you pick up your order from the counter and then bring it to wherever your sitting. Well OF COURSE – because I’m SOOO clumsy I dropped my coffee and it splattered all over the floor! WHAT A MESS I AM!! Anyways as I was cleaning, I noticed two other hands cleaning too and when I looked up – well that’s when our eyes met! His were these big brown, oval eyes, so sweet and so gentle! Looking straight at me – like he was peering into my soul or something!! 😉

Well after we finished cleaning he offered to buy me a brand new coffee and we sat down and started chatting! Justine never showed up! Well actually -I found out later that she TOTES did make it to the coffee shop, saw us sitting together and thought she’d let us chat alone. I guess she sensed the connection too!!! That’s why I love my SQUAD -we always have each other’s backs and it’s like we can reach other’s minds our something! You would not BELIEVE how much this guy and I have in common. We legit talked for hours ! HOURS! And it flew by! We spent the whole entire day together and I SWEAR it felt like max 1 hour to me. I guess that’s what happens when you’re really into someone – time just flies 🙂

But alas, I had to part with him today. Our Spain coverage is over and tonight I fly back to Miami. And he ….well he stays here >:-| I have to admit I was really sad for a while. I mean what if I met my soul mate? What if I’m meant to stay here ? What if he’s meant to move to Miami? So many WHAT IFS!!!! Do you ever find yourself just sitting and what-iffing all day? I do that A LOT.

Then I walked by this graffitied wall – with the quote “Everything Happens For A Reason” – which is completely NUTS because I ALWAYS say that- it’s like my motto ya know? The second I saw it I just HAD to sit down for a second. It felt like a sign to me. I really do believe that everything happens for a reason, and I believe that with time, we get the answers to all of our what-ifs. We just have to be patient and we have to trust in the universe. And I do. Sooooooooo I’m leaving Barcelona tonight with a big smile on my face. Happy for what happened and looking forward to the future 🙂

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  1. GOSH,ur so deep!I’ve been checking the blog everyday since 2012!Luv u guys,especially you Dazzle!Sending hugs from Canada!,
    QueenSabrina <3

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